About Us

Gourmutt's Bakery was founded in 2000 out of a growing concern for the health and well-being of our beautiful Golden Retriever, Zoe.


After consulting with numerous veterinarians and a canine allergy specialist, we learned of the numerous preservatives and unhealthy ingredients used in many dog foods and treats.  For example, the ingredient Propylene Glycol (commonly found in soft treats) is a chemical used as a solvent in brake fluid.  In pet food it is used as a preservative and flavor enhancer due to its sweet taste.  We chose to make Zoe better tasting treats that are also nutritionally better for her.


We began experimenting with numerous recipes and after lots of trial and error, we came up with treats that Zoe loves and we felt good about giving her.  Other dog lovers learned about our healthy homemade treats and started requesting cookies.


Due to the tremendous popularity of our treats the company has grown from our kitchen to our retail bakery in Raleigh, NC.